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Firex FixPan Pressure Kettle: Sweet Earth Foods Uses Firex FixPan To Meet Production Demands

Sweet Earth Foods Chooses Firex FixPan Pressure Kettle To Meet Growing Demands:

Recently Sweet Earth Foods has added a Firex FixPan Pressure Kettle to it’s production kitchen. The Firex FixPan Pressure Kettle will eliminate the need to soak various types of beans used in the making of their products. By using pressure the beans can be cooked, without soaking, in 45 minutes. The Firex FixPan will also assist them in making rice and other ingredients.

About Sweet Earth:

Based in California, Sweet Earth Natural Foods has been making plant-based and natural foods since 1978. They carry four vegan burritos packed with protein and global flavors. In addition to burritos, Sweet Earth Natural Foods also makes vegan veggie burgers, soups, vegan pies, sesame square bars, and seitan products in three flavors: traditional, curry and chipotle, and in four ready cuts: slices, strips, ground and satay.

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Firex Baskett Cook / Chill Kettle: Crepini chooses Firex kettles to meet demands of growing market

When Crepini contacted Design & Processing Resources for a kettle to cook and chill their fillings for their crepes, Firex was specified.  The company has been expanding due to a growing market for their product and they need a unit that could cook / chill and keep track of batch information.  The Firex Baskett series with the cook / chill option was custom designed for their needs.  As a result they were able to cook 300 pounds of eggs, hold them at temp., then cool them down to 50•F in one batch within two hours total time.  After the eggs are cooled, the cheeses and other ingredients are added to the eggs, then used to stuff the crepes. Mmmmm Yummmmm.


Their Story:

The Crepini Way – How It’s Done

How it all began…Crepini was born in 2007, and at the time we were making crêpes by hand. One person working with eight crêpe pans was able to produce about 300-350 crêpes per hour. At such a pace we could not possibly meet growing demand for our delicious product, so we quickly recognized a need for automation.


Today…We are more efficient and make better crêpes than ever before! Customized equipment and state-of-the-art technology allows us to make crêpes of superior quality, that are thinner and more uniform than we were ever able to produce by hand.

How is it really done?  Evenly cooking the crêpes is key! We start with a creamy, butter-free batter made from all natural ingredients. Our slick, modern crêpe machine smoothly pours the right amount of batter needed for each crêpe onto a hot-plated moving belt. The crêpes are fully cooked and rolled with fillings in seconds, and then IQF flash-frozen for guaranteed lasting freshness. Finally, they are weighed, vacuum-sealed, and packaged instantly. We add different kinds of delicious fillings to the crêpes and our machines are capable of forming them into various shapes and sizes. Our current production rate is 6,000 crêpes per hour!


Naked and filled Crepini crêpes are all natural. No MSG’s! No trans-fats! No GMO’s! No hydrogenated oils! Now that’s the healthy choice!


A variety of irresistibly delicious flavors are made with fresh ingredients that come from U.S. farms. Our sour cherries are from Michigan and our cheeses are from Upstate New York. Whenever possible, we buy ingredients from local farms.


Crepini goes green, all the time. We use packaging made from recycled materials, including trays, boxes, and anything else that carries our crêpes. Our production facility utilizes optimum energy levels and electrical energy whenever possible.

We’ve got the freshest stuff in town!

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Firex HighP: Extraction of Ethanol; Vacuum Versus Still Extraction

Recently the Firex HighP kettle underwent a competitive testing procedure to see the difference between extracting Ethanol in the HighP under vacuum and using a 70 liter still.  The results were amazing.  Using a still, the product was brought up to temperature and Ethanol extracted from the product.  From the time the still was loaded, brought up to temperature and finished time of extraction and condensing was 1.5 hours.  The Firex HighP was then loaded with the same product and the process repeated.  The only difference was the HighP used the mixing / cutting head that it was equipped with.  This allowed the product to be resized and Ethanol to be extracted, from start to finish, in 14 minutes.

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Firex Cucimax Pressure Kettle: 264 kg. Of Chick Peas For Humus In 30 Minutes

Recently a major grocery chain in Canada purchased a Firex Cucimax Pressure Kettle with a capacity of 320 liters. The pressure kettle included a mixer and was used to make humus.  During the test the unit was filled with 110 kg. of dried, out of the bag, chick peas, then filled with 200 liters of water.  The pressure kettle was then closed and put under pressure.  From start to finish the unit produced a total of 264 kg. of chick peas, finished, in 30 minutes.  There was 48 liters of water drained and saved for making soups and other broths or bases.  By putting the chick peas in the pressure kettle, the need to soak the peas was eliminated.  In addition the yield was increased, energy was saved, water was conserved, and the waste of ordering chick peas in cans was eliminated.  This saved in shipping costs and waste disposal costs.

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Firex Cucimix 30 Answers The Needs Of Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies Increased Production

Firex Cucimix 30 kettle was specified by Design & Processing Resources Inc. to fit the demanding need of increased production.  The Firex Cucimix 30 that was designed for Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies is equipped with a 2″ sanitary fitting that allows the kettle to be connected directly to a filler to fill the jars.

A little bit about Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies

Our company started as small operation to make use of the abundant fruits that were on our property. It grew because friends would bring fruits to share their abundance too. Eventually more fruit trees were planted to insure business that had started to grow could be done.We decided then that we should try to incorporate the use of fruits grown on Maui at the various farms that , the farmers loved the idea. We are trying to make use of most everything that is produced so farmers are able to sell most of thier product. In doing so we now have about thirty or so products.
In all of this we got approached by different companies to do products for them. Some of which is doing Lavender products, Organic products and products for the small farmer who has abundance of there fruits. So now we have taken a new path into helping farmers to produce a Value Added Product for themselves.
—- years ago, Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies originated as a hobby in a small kitchen where we made preserves from fruit (lilikoi, papaya, strawberry guava) growing on our farm for family and friends. Soon farmers who had heard about us and who had enjoyed our products began to bring a wide variety of fruits to us, urging us to concoct jams, jellies, fruit butters, and spreads from the abundance of tropical, locally-grown fruit.With the very positive response from the community, we began to expand our product line and incorporated even more varieties of fruit in our jams
 and jellies (jaboticaba, pineapple, mango, banana, Kula blackberries, and more). Soon we were able to offer our jams and jellies in a few select stores. The stores provided us a venue for sharing our product to more consumers. More recently, another avenue opened for us, creating specialty foods for a number of local companies. Some of these products include lavender flavored baking mixes and drinks, and preserves and breads made specifically with organically grown fruit. Over the years, we have expanded the variety of fruit grown on our own farm so that we have a ready supply of fresh fruit on which we base our products. We use quality ingredients in our products with no preservatives added. Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies has quickly grown. By responding to the suggestions and offerings from our fellow farmers and our community, we now have a product line of more than 30 items.
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Firex Cucimax Kettle Helps Thrifty Foods Meet Growing Demands Of “Let’s Eat Out At Home” Ready Meals

Firex Cucimax Pressure Kettle was specified by Design & Processing Resources Inc. to help Thrifty Foods in Victoria Canada meet the growing needs of its ready meals for take home.  The growing demand of ready meals has increased drastically due to the home cooked taste of the ready meals.  Ready meals are a specialty for Design & Processing Resources Inc and part of our Cook – Chill – Retherm development.

A brief article on Thrifty Foods:

Thrifty Kitchens

Thrifty Kitchens creates ready-to-eat, fresh food meal offerings for busy shoppers on the go.

Thrifty Kitchens develops inspiring meal ideas from a state-of-the-art food production centre on Vancouver Island.

From dips to pizzas, stuffed meat items and more, these wholesome, delicious, fully-prepared foods will leave you wanting more. Ready when you are, some are ready to eat and others are ready to heat. It’s that simple! Visit our Bakery, Deli, Meat and Seafood departments to check out the selection.

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